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A) Given that these executives are unlikely to contribute to postacquisition success, little effort should be spent trying to retain them.
B) The shorter their length of service, the less likely it is that these executives will play a significant role in postacquisition success.
C) These executives are less important to postacquisition success than are more highly ranked top executives.
D) If they have long tenures, these executives may prove to be as important to postacquisition success as are more highly ranked top executives.
E) Postacquisition success is unlikely if these executives are retained.
428: The resource-based view, as described in the passage, is based on which of the following ideas?
A) The managerial skills of top executives become stongest after five years of their tenure.
B) Company-specific knowledge is an important factor in the success of an acquisition process.
CThe amount of nontransferable knowledge possessed by long-tenured top executives tends to be underestimated.