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Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the hypothesis?

A Bone flutes were probably the only musical instrument made by Neanderthals.  

B No musical instrument that is known to have used a diatonic scale is of an earlier date than the flute found at the Neanderthal campsite.  

C The flute was made from a cave-bear bone and the campsite at which the flute fragment was excavated was in a cave that also contained skeletal remains of cave bears.  

D Flutes are the simplest wind instrument that can be constructed to allow playing a diatonic scale.

The cave-bear leg bone used to make the Neanderthal flute would have been long enough to make a flute capable of playing a complete diatonic scale.  


The cave-bear leg bone would have been long


听上去跟原文结论关注的“音阶何时开始使用”可以说是风马牛不相及,但恰恰因为这个句子里最关键的信息不在主干上,而在后面的make a flute capable of playing a completediatonic scale