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A) Whether the patents were granted for inventions that were genuinely useful

B) Whether the patents were actually relevant to the growth of the United States economy

C) Whether the patens were particularly likely to be annulled by judges

D) Whether the patents were routinely invalidated for reasons that were arbitrary

E) Whether the patents were vindicated at a significantly lower rate than patents in later suits

533:The author of the passage cites which of the following as evidence challenging the argument referred to in the highlight part?
A) The proportion of cases that were decided against patentees in the 1820s
B) The total number of patent disputes that were litigated from 1794 to 1830
C) The fact that later courts drew upon the legal precedents set in pre-1830 patent cases
D) The fact that the proportion of judicial decisions in favor of patentees began to increase during the 1830s
E) The constitutional rationale for the 1836 revision of the patent system