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很多同学都对SC题目中的which vs.ing区别喜闻乐见,因为这种题规律性强,操作起来也比较容易上手。可是这道题目中的DE选项出现的which/ing问题,就没办法按照所谓“which就近”的方法来比较了。根据句意来说,include的动作发起者当然是就近的non-OPECnations,可是如果选择which,就犯了单复数不符的问题(nations是复数,includes是单数),在这个时候,which vs.ing就退位成了定量标尺,单复数才是定性原则。把握好这些不同测量标准之间的先后顺序,就构成了SC解题技巧的核心问题。





In the year following an eight-centincrease in the federal tax on a pack of cigarettes, sales of cigarettes fellten percent. In contrast, in the year prior to the tax increase, sales hadfallen one percent. The volume of cigarette sales is therefore strongly relatedto the after-tax price of a pack of cigarettes.
Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the argument above?

A During the second year after the tax increase, cigarette salesincreased by a significant amount. 

B The information available to consumers on the health risks of smokingremained largely unchanged in the period before and after the taxincrease.