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The air quality board recently informed Coffee Roast, a small coffee roasting firm, of a complaint regarding the smoke from its roaster. Recently enacted air quality regulations requires machine roasting more than 10 pounds of coffee to be equipped with expensive smoke-dissipating afterburners. The firm, however, roasts only 8 pounds of coffee at a time. Nevertheless, the company has decided to purchase and install an afterburner.

Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the firm’s decision?
A) UntAil setting on the new air quality regulations, the board had debated whether to require afterburners for macAhines roasting more than 5 pounds of coffee at a time.

B) Coffee roasted in a machine equipped with an afterburner has its flavor subtly altered.

C) The cost to the firm of an afterburner is less than the cost of replacing its roaster with a smaller one.


DFewer complaints are reported in areas that maintain strict rules regarding afterburners.


E) The firm has reason to fear that negative publicity regarding the complaints could result in lost sales.