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Which of the following most logically completes the argument?

In a typical year, Innovair’s airplanes are involved in 35 collisions while parked on being towed in airports, with a resulting yearly cost of $1,000,000 for repairs. To reduce the frequency of ground collisions, Innovair will begin giving its ground crews additional training, at an annual cost of $500,000. Although this will cut the number of ground collisions by about half at best, the drop in repair costs can be expected to be much greater, since ______________

A) most ground collisions happen when ground crews are rushing to minimize the time a delayed plane spends on the ground.


B) a ground collision typically occurs when there are no passengers on the airplane.


C) the additional training will focus on helping ground crews avoid those kinds of ground collisions that cause the most costly damage.


Dthe $500,000 cost figure for the additional training of ground crews includes the wages that those crews will earn during the time spent in actual training.